Growth Spurts?!

I am totally in love with the routine we have finally gotten into with Lady Bug.  She has her little naps during the day, then her big 3 hour nap at 2pm and is in bed after her bath at 8pm.  Lately though she has decided that she needs to fight her naps as though she were fighting for her life.  The poor girl, she starts off with the most adorable “I’m tired” cry which quickly morphs into screaming and squirming and fighting with everything she has.  Enter; the swing!   Good luck little girl.

Now I don’t know if you had the same nurses I had, but we were told never to swaddle as it pretty much guarantees that we will give our daughter SIDS.  I started swaddling weeks ago, which I have already talked about, but still to this day hate that the nurses, people I trusted, made me so afraid of something that is such a great help with young babies!  I’ve talked about the 5 S’s and about how wonderfully they work and I still stand by those.  As Lady Bug is getting older the things she likes are changing, she doesn’t really like the white noise as much anymore, now she loves listening to Canon in D, thankfully she’s not too fussy about the violin or piano version; she also loves Wiggle by Jason Derulo. Now I am using every trick up my sleeve; she gets swaddled on her top half, bounced on the ball till she calms down, put in the swing, given her soother and then the music starts to play, generally she is out cold within 5 minutes.  No baby can resist the ‘big guns.’

This coming week I am sleep training her, trying to get her to go to sleep on her own.  I will be putting her to bed when she is tired and calm, but still awake, and hope she will go to sleep on her own.  I will not be doing the cry-it-out method as I think that is cruel and will just create more sleep problems in the future.

Wish me luck!