Turkey and Gold

This weekend was Turkey Day here in Canada.  Lady Bug had a great time.   Her daddy came to visit and was here for 3 days of love and snuggles.  We had a great visit with my family and she kept trying to steal my dinner.  She is going to LOVE baby led weaning !  I can’t wait to give her, her first solids come this December when she is 6 months old.

We had such an eventful week, Lady Bug rolled over today from back to front 3 times all by herself, what a great milestone for her to reach.  She also got her ears pierced, we used white gold earrings with cubic stones. She did so much better than me, she was definitely more angry that her dad was holding her head still than she was with the actual piercing.  She also stopped crying within 30 seconds of having them done, which is faster than I stopped crying that’s for sure.  My beloved Lady Bug is growing up!  My little angel has also started teething this week and is loving to chew on anything she can figure out how to get into her mouth.