Oh. My. God. !

This last week has been amazing.  It was my birthday on Monday… I’m now 33!  I can’t believe it.   B took me to Seattle for my birthday and I finally got to satisfy my year long craving for Red Lobster.  Yes I’ve been craving those delicious scones for over a year!  We stayed at a cute hotel by the Marriot and even better, I had a coupon from Hotels.com so we only paid $50 for the hotel room.  It was great; king size bed, black out blinds that actually made the room black, and a big living room setting.  Lots of space for our little family.  Lady Bug sleeps best when the room is dark, so even better I slept in till 9:30 instead of her usual 7am.  Needless to say we bought blackout curtains and now have them installed in her room, ours don’t work as good as the hotels, but I still get an extra 30-45 minutes most days!

Today I think was definitely the worst day I have ever had of being a mother.  I was cutting Lady Bug’s nails with nail clippers, as I have done since she was 2 weeks old, and she moved at the last second and I ended up cutting her finger !!!  She looked at me with the most heart breaking look I have ever seen.  I scooped her up and danced with her in the living room crying the entire time.  She was pretty much ok after about 20 seconds, stopped crying and even gave me a smile.  The thing about finger tip cuts is they bleed, a lot, I had a hair appointment so since all seemed well I put her in her car seat and away we went.   Well half way there she decided she didn’t want to be in her seat anymore.  When she is upset she has a tendency to scratch her hands against her face, well since her finger had a little flap from her horrible mother it opened right back up and stung her, so now she is screaming bloody murder in the back of the car, I’m driving down the highway with some a-hole tailgating me, so I can’t pull over without risking being rear ended.  5 minutes later I arrive at the salon and run to the back of the truck to let her out.  Holly crap the entire side of her face is covered in blood! I have never been more traumatized in my entire life.  I was shaking so hard I almost couldn’t get her car seat buckles undone, I nearly vomited when I saw her.  I scooped her out of the seat with her hand and her face covered in blood and ring the bell to the house of the lady that’s going to cut my hair (whom I’ve never met before) she answers the door to me bawling, Lady Bug screaming and covered in blood.  At this point I am so hysterical that I can barely talk but I manage to ask for a wet cloth and to tell her that all the blood is only from a tiny cut on her finger.  We get her cleaned up, she stops crying and eventually I stop crying too.

I will not be cutting her nails with clippers again for a very long time, nail file it is from now on!


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