See ya later Purple Crying !

Its been an amazing week.  Lady Bug is finally coming out of her period of Purple Crying and I’m beginning to notice that I have a very strong willed and happy baby girl.  I can’t express how happy this makes me.  She loves it when I talk to her in Spanish, all smiles and coo’s.  When I play hip hop and dance for her she does her own little laugh (though not real laughter quite yet) and kicks her legs like she wants to dance with me.  This ‘new’ baby is amazing, she still screams when she wants something; my attention, for B and I to change the position we are holding her in, a better soother, but now she calms so quickly that I don’t think she cries for longer than 30 minutes in an entire day ! Heck, I’m sitting here drinking a hot coffee while she is laying ALONE in her crib and AWAKE.  I haven’t had hot coffee since she was born, and this is the first week where I have really been able to put her down without screaming.  Mothers of Purple Crying (Colic) babies, I know everyone already says this but : It does get better! There IS a light at the end of the long, LONG, LONG tunnel!

The funny thing about the end of Purple Crying is that after 3 or more long grueling months (13 weeks for us so far) when that switch goes off you are almost too scared to believe it.  I was told by a NICU nurse friend of mine that this is exactly what would happen.  It would be like one day you just have a different baby, it doesn’t always peter off, for some babies it just ends in a flash.   Well for us it has ended in a flash.  I have spent the last week on egg shells refusing to believe my good fortune, waiting for my screaming child to make her return.  Its been a week and I still have my happy, though demanding, little Lady Bug.

Today I packed up her newborn clothes, she hasn’t fit them for a few weeks now but I was just refusing to believe that she was growing up.  I cried.  Whenever I read before that moms cry when packing up their babies clothes I though they were crazy.  Well I guess I’m crazy, looking at and holding those teeny tiny clothes, then putting them in a little box broke my heart.  I love that my little girl is growing up, but I am still shocked that it is all happening so fast!


Well I’m going to run away from the internet while she is having a glorious, on schedule, 3 hour nap.  Yay, ME TIME !


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