Mommy Dates

I just had my first mommy play date!  Those of you that know me are aware that I don’t have the most female friends, and the ones I have, have a tendency to leave me out of ‘play dates’ and meet ups.  That’s normally fine by me, I’ve never really meshed with women, but now that I am a mom seeing others get together so close to me and not inviting me makes me feel snubbed; I want my little girl to have friends her age. “I thought we all liked each other, guess not.” Is the thought that crosses my mind every time I see this.  So, I decided to stop wallowing in my perceived rejection and create my OWN mommy group and invite people myself. If I’m not invited to your soiree, I’ll make up my own 🙂

We met at Lafarge Lake, a small man made lake near my house.  There were originally 5 of us getting together, but mommy duties forced 3 to postpone.  So it was just me and one other woman (and our babies or course).  “What am I going to say to her?  How are we going to get along just one on one?  What if she doesn’t like me?”  I felt like a teenager again going on my first date. Well just my luck, she is a Chatty Kathy just like me.  We hung out for 3 hours and the conversation never died down.  She didn’t care that Lady Bug has day time purple crying, it didn’t embarrass her when we were eating sushi and my little angel decided to start screaming at the top of her lungs.  We just finished our lunch, packed up, and went on our way.  It was so awesome to have someone with me; if I had been alone I would have been freaking out that Lady Bug was crying and totally embarrassed.

At the end of our date we made plans to hang out again.  I’m excited to maybe have another friend for me, and possibly a buddy for my Lady Bug.  Now, what’s the rule for calling a mommy back?  Do I wait the customized 42 hours?  LOL


The photo was shot by me, just not during my mommy date.  Check out my other work on Facebook: Miss Adventure Photography


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