Up till today…

I spent 4 days in the hospital following my c section, they kept me an extra day because I wasn’t handling the pain in the way they expected.  I sure didn’t want to leave.  Being a first time mom everything was terrifying. “Why did she just projectile vomit all over me?”  “Is something wrong?” B and I had no clue so we just pushed that handy dandy nurse call button and someone came and helped us, calmed our nerves and lets us know she was perfectly ok.  I would like to say that my anxiety went away, or at least lessened being in a hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses, but considering a baby had just been kidnapped by a nurse (in a different hospital) it was nearly impossible.  Any time I was sleeping and I heard someone come into our room I would jolt awake, I don’t think I slept more than 2-3 hours a night, in total!

I chose to breast feed, and I wasn’t going to let anything (short of medical reasons) get in my way.  Nothing can really prepare you for breast feeding.  Sure you go to the class, they tell you it won’t hurt if your baby latches right and in the video some baby of about 3 months of age is latching perfectly and the mom is barely trying.  Well this is definitely not the case with a newborn, not only are you learning but so in the baby.  For me this equaled blisters, bloody nipples and me crying tears of pain so big they looked like gum drops.  This pain lasted just under 2 weeks for me.  It was a little embarrassing to walk around topless in mesh panties while I met 4-5 new nurses a day, not to mention when the in-laws came to visit trying to cover with my hospital gown but my poor nipples were too sensitive.  Sorry for the show everyone 🙂  Going topless and braless didn’t last forever and at the 2 week mark it was literally like I had new boobs and feeding didn’t hurt anymore.  If you are going to breast feed, try and make it past this point if you can, it all gets better.

The first 2 weeks with my lovely baby were like a honeymoon, she rarely cried, loved to snuggle and I could pretty much put her down anywhere to sleep.  Purple crying?  Well that obviously wasn’t going to happen to us.  I had my fiancé there for the first week at the hospital and for a couple days at home, then sadly he had to go back to work.  I was in full panic mode, how was I going to do this alone?  We survived that first day, and the whole week.

Week 3-now (8) – holly crap what happened to my angel? Purple crying (colic) has arrived!  We don’t have it as bad of a lot of people, she only cries for about 1 hour each night, but as a first time mom this is longest hour of my life.  You would be amazed by how many things parents will try to get their baby to stop crying.  The usual, feed, diaper change and snuggle don’t always work.  We tried everything, if you could have been a fly on the wall I’m sure you would have been laughing out loud at us.  What works for my little girl:  the tub water running on full (nope no the sink or shower, the TUB) her daddy holding her on her tummy and lifting her up and down, essentially doing bicep curls for hours at a time with an 8 pound weight on his forearm. Swinging her in her car seat, and I mean swinging, buckle that baby in and swing ’till your arms fall off.  And just to keep you on your toes each of these things will NOT work every time, once you got the routine down pat, she doesn’t like it anymore.

What made it all worth while?  Well other than the obvious love we feel for her and the desire to make her happy at 5 weeks she SMILED a real smile, not the usual “Hi mommy, I’m farting or pooping right now” no, a real genuine smile.  There is nothing more precious than a baby smile!

The positives: At week 6 we were giving her tummy time on the floor, not just on our tummies, now our angel has been lifting her head no problem since she was 2 days old, but seeing her lift her head off the floor and holding herself up was definitely a proud momma moment.  Listening to her start to coo and chatter with us was also amazing. At week 7 she responds to your smiles by smiling back and trying to copy facial expressions, she even lets out little baby giggles.  Week 8, to the day, she rolled over for the first time.  I never would have thought that watching a baby roll over onto her back could be so amazing, but I was so proud of her and so shocked that I nearly cried.  I whipped out my cell phone and put her back on her tummy again to see if it was on purpose or an accident, and caught her second ever roll on camera.  Im still watching it on a daily basis and its been nearly a week!IMG_3619 - Copy - Copy



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